We package all glass items as securely as we can and consequently, we have a very low level of breakage.  We do not individually bubblewrap glassware due to the cost of packaging materials and the labour cost to do so.  If we were to do this our costs would need to increase dramatically to cover such costs.

However, we are at the mercy of the postal and courier services and on rare occasions, breakages can occur, normally due to poor handling practices after the goods have left our warehouse.

If you receive damaged goods, please accept the delivery as damaged and do NOT arrange to have the entire consignment returned to us.  Instead, please contact us via the online system, and include photos of the broken items.

We will apply store credit to your account which will be deducted from your next order.  We do not apply credits for glass misuse (eg thermal shock or chips on Weck lids) or for aesthetic flaws such as mould marks or other flaws which do not affect the glass integrity.

Sorry, but we do not resend replacements.  There is a high likelihood of smaller glass packages being broken in transit and high postage costs mean that the value of the postage far exceeds the value of the replacement items.  By arrangement, we can provide replacement items with your next order rather than applying for a store credit.

We recommend that you purchase a few more jars than you need just in case your goods are damaged in transit or the jars get broken during processing.



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