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    The Latest Accessories!

    These are the new Australian preferred preserving jars due to their ease of use, range of sizes and affordable replacement lids.

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    Fresh Food

    You can use Ball Mason jars in both water bath and pressure canners without a problem.

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    Eat Healthy
    Fresh And Nutritious

    Why do people save money yet not save food? Grow it yourself and can it!

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    Ball Mason
    Wide Mouth Jars

    Easy to clean, Easy to use why settle for anything else?

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    The New "Ozi"
    Handle Jars

    Already famous throughout the pubs and clubs of Australia, be the first of your friends to get yours!

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    The New
    Ball Mason
    Green Jars

    Coming VERY Soon! Lots of Pints and Quarts

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The Ozfarmer Australia self sufficiency warehouse is the largest supplier of food preserving and self sufficiency equipment in the Southern Hemisphere!  Whether you’re growing and preserving your own fruit and veges, raising animals for milk or meat, or preparing for Armageddon! With over 1200 different items we’ve got supplies for you! Our products include: The complete range of Ball USA preserving jarsWeck Germany preserving and fermenting jars (no toxic ingredients), Ball Heritage Blue and Green jars, Preserving pressure canners and water baths, Dehydrators and vacuum sealers, Ozi handled smoothie and moonshine jarsGame of Thrones inspired redneck gobletsOzi goat/sheep hand milking machinesMeat cures, jerky spices and sausage making kitsCheese making equipment and supplies and much much more!

Ozfarmer Australia - Preserving Specialist

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